Kibana Alert variable declaration

Hi All,

I'm creating a alert in kibana for IP monitoring, how can I pass the index field values as a parameter in alert body for easy identification @Simon_Becker


To answer your question, we would need more detail about the type of rule you are creating (e.g. Uptime Monitor Status) and what information you would like to include in the alert notification.


Hello All,

Me too have same question.

In heartbeat-* index i have multiple server's data. 5 servers are dedicated to a common task.

So, I want to check monitor.status of all 5 servers at once.


Provide list of servers which are down , in alert email message body.

There is no existing rule variables where I can assign list of servers.

Any solution for this.:pray:

Thank you🙏

Additional info.

I am using "uptime" and "Elasticsearch query" type rule

My Rule is Customized Query Rule, I am checking if any IP lists in the logs from the index it should alert me and the index has multiple filed name, So when a alert triggers it should trigger me with an one of the index field value(

Here my issue is I'm unable to print my needed index field value.

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