Kibana Alerts and Actions don't send e-mail

Hi all,

I'm using Elastic Cloud and the Heartbeat to monitor some applications. My monitoring works fine, but the alerts don't work.

I've created an Connector to use Gmail to send e-mail, but I realized that the username and password disappear from my connector. And I also I didn't receive an e-mail with the alert. If I check the alert created for Heartbeat status, it shows that the alert was triggered, but no e-mail message is sent.

How can I configure it on Elastic Cloud? I'm trying to find some documentation, but none works for me.

Thanks in advance

I've got the same problem. Tried office365 mail and AWS both does not work.

Webhooks to MS Teams are working

Do you mind telling me whether you had to do something special to get teams working? Mine is failing with a strange "failed to decrypt secrets attribute" error.

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