Kibana alerts - Observability

ECK 2.9.0
Kibana, Elasticsearch, APM-server: 8.10.2
APM agetnt Java: 1.43.0

Kibana Alerts setting

Using Server log connector type
Message template: {{}}
Service name: {{context.serviceName}}
Environment: {{context.environment}}
Error count: {{context.triggerValue}} errors over the last {{context.interval}}
Threshold: {{context.threshold}}
Details: {{context.alertDetailsUrl}}
AppView: {{context.viewInAppUrl}}
TransactionName: {{context.transactionName}}

Kibana log example:

[2023-11-16T12:22:55.842+03:00][INFO ][plugins.actions.server-log] Server log: auth-mp-dev-error;Service name: auth-service-mp-dev;Environment: mp-dev;Error count: 1 errors over the last 5 mins;Threshold: 0;Details:;AppView:;TransactionName:

Context variable {{context.transactionName}} is empty, why and how fix it?

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