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I have an elasticsearch query type rule configured for my index to detect certain fields with particular values. Also i have an corresponding email connector configured in which I am configuring my custom content using {{context.hits}}. So to achieve this custom content i need to get the very first occurred timestamp of the hits to be displayed in the email content, for which i tried using {{context.hits.0._source.@timestamp}} which is returning only the recent timestamp from the hits.

I want my email content to have the timestamp of first occurred event from the hits.

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@ying.mao / @Patrick_Mueller can we please get some help?


@Anandhu_R_K We use the mustache library for action templating and unfortunately, there is not a way to get the last element of an array using mustache, which is what we would want in this scenario.

@ying.mao Can we expect this feature for getting the last element of an array in upcoming releases.

@Anandhu_R_K We do have some updates to our action templating on our roadmap but we do not have a specific version we're targeting yet. You can follow this meta issue for updates: [Alerting][Discuss] meta issue on mustache templating and action parameter processing · Issue #79786 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Sure, Thank You @ying.mao @bhavyarm

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