Kibana and ADA compliance

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Hello Kibana team,

I am working with an external facing customer and I wanted to ask if Kibana 6.x is ADA compliant (

The only reference I could find online was this blogpost:

and this open issue:

Thank you in advance for your hard work,

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Right now we are working on making Kibana compliant to 508. It's not fully compliant yet, but improvements are made from release to release. We have a VPAT that we offer, but I think our public sector experts are more qualified to answer you. There's a contact form here:

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Thank you @Marius_Dragomir for guiding me. Happy to see Kibana become a more accessible product.

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@georgezoto I missed this being posted yesterday, but it might be of interest to you:

It touches on what improvements we've made in the design area to make Kibana more accessible.

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Interesting article, I also missed it, thank you for sharing it @Marius_Dragomir!
I contacted the public sector team, hope to hear back from them.

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