Kibana and nested documents --> include_in_parent


I am new to ElasticSearch and I have a very specific question. We have
implemented our ElasticSearch cluster with a nested document structure.
Each document is made of one ID, a key element and one field including
several nested "records" that are inserted by the script api and the bulk
update function.

My question is, is it possible to view nested documents in Kibana, without
using *include_in_parent, *because from preliminary testing it seams to be
using more disk space when include_in_parent is in the mappings ?
When include_in_parent is not in the mappings, the documents are not
viewable within Kibana 4.0.0

Also, is there a function or way to display which documents have the most
"nested" records, by using the size of the nested "records" in the
document? I would like to have a pie chart, that could display them using
the size of their nested attribute.

Thank you in advance.

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