Kibana and {“statusCode”:404,”error”:”Not Found”,”message”:”Not Found”}


We noticed that logging-in to Kibana with the user 'kibana' gives this 404.
Logging-in with 'elastic' works well and kibana is showing.

Looks like a bug to me...


He and welcome back dear ewolfman

This is no bug, there is a kibana user, but it's not used for logging in, and was deprecated, and now this user is kibana_system. You can read a bit more about the context here:

And yes, the naming was confusing, I also remember that I tried to log in with the kibana user :slight_smile:


I think that the bug is the fact that kibana is returning a 404. it should return an appropriate error instead. Something that can help understand what the real problem is.

I agree, the issue here is with the message. I was stuck with this for half an hour now till I found this helpful thread

I just tried to login with the user "kibana" in our current most recent kibana development version, and I'm getting the message "Invalid username or password" so it seems, that was fixed.


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