Kibana API endpoint for AWS

Hi, I have created an elastic search cluster on aws and am using kibana to visualize the data. I can't seem to figure out how to use the Kibana API for saved objects with my AWS endpoint.
The Kibana URL given to me by AWS is https:///_plugin/kibana
When I try to query this using Postman, nothing happens. So if I do something like
GET https:///_plugin/kibana/api/saved-objects/index-pattern/my-index
It just says no URL handler found. Does anyone know how to use the Kibana API with an endpoint provided by AWS

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What version?

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I too have a similar problem with Kibana in AWS. I try to access the /api/spaces/space/default but it returns no URL handler found. I don't see the spaces options in the Kibana UI as well. Could someone please help me enable this option in Kibana provided by AWS?

Kibana version: 7.4.2
Elasticsearch version: 7.4.2

I can resolve my comment from above. AWS Kibana will not support Spaces and there are a lot more features that aren't supported.

The latest versions for everything. ES 7.4. I just can't seem to use the kibana endpoint given to me to create index patterns, visualizations and dashboards. Currently I am using the .kibana index

I actually managed to run the API through postman and get a successful response. However, my index pattern doesn't show up on my Kibana list of index patterns. It gives me a 200 response and gives me the response json but still nothing.

So I figured some part of the issue out. When I was using postman to send my queries, I was using AWS authentication for an IAM user I created who also had all access role in the kibana module. So when I pushed my code, it created a new index called .kibana-iamuserenpoint and stored my objects there. Now, if I try to use the internal database user through postman basic authentication, I keep getting unauthorized access and if I try doing it using the terminal, I get {"message": "Session expired", "redirectTo": "login"}. Any ideas why this is? Why can I use the internal user to login to kibana but not make api calls through postman with the user

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