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Hello Team,

Seeking some advice here, We are trying to make a JSON API that we wanted to share to our client for them to consume our data. However, API's available on devtools of KIBANA are not web based URL. Can you help us to what best possible approach on this? Thanks.

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What data is it you're trying to share? Elasticsearch is already a RESTful JSON API, but maybe you're not trying to share the raw JSON data.

I'm also not sure what you mean when you say "API's available on devtools of KIBANA are not web based URL"... which APIs are you talking about?

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Thanks joe for your kind response here.

I just want to share the JSON API equivalent of our visualizations to our client for them to consume the data in JSON format. However, when we tried to query the visulizations on devtools tab of kibana and tried to copy as CURL and paste the URL equivalent to the browser it used to give us an content error message. Are we doing it right? We tried to used GET API in the Document API's of elasticsearch.

Or do we need to choose from elasticsearch clients in
just to make our API to share with our client? Do you think what best possible actions do we need to perform.
Please let me know if my questions are clear or not. We are still a beginner and trying to explore this further. Thank you and advance :slight_smile:

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