KIBANA APM dashboard homepage shows APM server running but I have not ran APM server on my machine so how is it detecting that APM server is running


Is this a bug ?

(Thomas Neirynck) #2


Is there a way you can reproduce this?

If so, I would create a bug-report, including the steps on how to trigger this, here:

  1. Start Elastic server
  2. Start KIbana But do not start APM server
  3. Go to APM section of Kibana
  4. Under step 3 mention start the APm server .. do not start it
  5. click on the button check APM server status .. it shows "You have correctly setup APM-Server" but the APM server is not running
    Hence I suppose it is a bug .. if not then let me know in case I m making some mistake

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