Kibana balancing via VIP

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I'm trying to balance two kibana instances running in different machine listening on and The network admin set a cirtix load balancer to redirect the network traffic via virtual IP kibanamain. When I conncect to https://kibanamain I'm redirected to the login page; but when I submit the credentials I'm redirected infinite time to the empty login page. What I am doing wrong? Follows the config taht I provide to the network admin and kibana.yml. Thank you.

kibana.yml ""

elasticsearch.username: "kibana"

elasticsearch.password: "kibana"

elasticsearch.hosts: [""]

elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 60000

server.ssl.enabled: true

server.ssl.certificate: /Elastic/kibana-6.7.1-linux-x86_64/config/certs/cert.pem

server.ssl.key: /Elastic/kibana-6.7.1-linux-x86_64/config/certs/private_key.key

pid.file: /Elastic/kibana-6.7.1-linux-x86_64/logs/

citrix specs

kibanamain :

1. Protocol: HTTPS

2. Balancing: ROUND ROBIN

3. Persistence: DISABLED

4. Client Idle Time-out: 180''

5. Server Idle Time-out: 180''

6. http compression: ENABLED

7. Web Socket Connection: DISABLED

8. Check service:

Interval between checks: 5''

Response time-out: 2''

Retries: 3

Type: GET   


Hi @Alessio_Creo

Do the 2 instances share the same


Thank you for the answer. I've left the default settings, without specifying any config.

You will need to set the same encryption key on both instances.

Please refer to the docs for more information:


Issue solved. The problem was in the Load Balancer config. I set the Persistance to disabled so the session wasn't saved and the blancer didn't "remember" that the user was logged in, so it was asking for credentials forever.

Thank you very much for the support.

Glad you got it solved. Happy to help

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