Kibana Bar chart - Replacing alldocs name in x-axis

Hi all,
I'm creating a bar chart with split series option instead of x-axis because i want to show all values with different colours.

However, I'm unable to change "_all All docs" name.
I want it according to my name i.e ID's

Any setting change or turnaround for this?

You can hide the X axis using Metrics & Axes > X axis > Show axis lines & labels.

My typo Mistake.

I do not want to remove/hide the Labels.
I want to show Labels , but I want to change alldocs to my custom label ID's.
I can show my "ID's" label in X-series , but I cannot show different colours for each ID.
If I select by Split series, I can show different colours for each ID, but My label "ID's" in split series is not shown.Instead alldocs appears.
So I wanted to show my Label "ID's "instead of "alldocs".

You're asking for the X axis to be labeled with the same value as the color? From the visualization perspective that's duplicate information, are you sure you need to assign both color & labels?

Assuming that you want to assign both color and labels, your options are:

  • In this visualization, assign the same aggregation to both the X & Split functions. This creates two nested aggregations in Elasticsearch, so it produces duplicates in the tooltip, etc.

  • Use Vega to create a custom visualization.

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