Kibana build using maven


I build kibana using maven grunt plugin and assembled the output as tar gz. When I open my tar gz, I could see a directory called ""PaxHeader" inside each directory

What am I missing here??

Hi, can you provide some more information about your environment, directories, and grunt/maven configuration?

Thanks for the reply.I found the issue. It was due to tar using posix longfile format. When I try to untar posiz formatted tar gz, I'm facing error. Ideally I want a gnu formatted kibana tar gz. When I try manually below command,

tar --format=gnu -zchf /root/common/kibana-5.6.13-SNAPSHOT-linux-x86_64.tar.gz kibana-5.6.13-SNAPSHOT-linux-x86_64

all are working fine including untar. So my question how to specify "format=gnu" in while building kibana. I saw that kibana is using tasks/build/archives.js to build kibana tar. How to specify additional "format" argument there??

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