Kibana cannot create new index'es

Hi all!

I have a little bit problem with my indexes. Every day at midnight a new index should be created, but it is created only when I delete or freeze the previous index e.g. from 30 days ago. I have free space on server. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
V. of Kibana 7.10.0
I have 28 index patterns.

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Are you using ILM?

That's a little old and we'd definitely recommend upgrading. 7.16 is latest.

Thank you very much for your answear :slight_smile: At this moment im not using ILM, Should I? Will this solve my problem? Is there any limit to the number of indexes? I wanted to store these indexes for e.g 60 days.

Can you elaborate more on what you mean here, how are you freezing them exactly?
Is there anything in your Elasticsearch logs?

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