Kibana Canvas drop-down filter not updating count metric correctly

My metric shows okay on dateTime filter, but not on drop down filter. The date time filter uses a column pmt-stsDtTm which is to be found in indices queried to populate drop-down filters.

I have uploaded also here how I populate the tenant filter.

What version of Kibana are you on? There is a known issue that impacts Kibana 8.4.0+ where filters are not applying correctly when you use the filters function at the beginning of your expression. If you replace filters with kibana | selectFilter that may resolve the issue.

Thanks a lot Cathrine for the hint. Kibana and Elasticsearch version I use is: 7.17.5
I do not see option 'selectFilter' to be chained after 'kibana' in 7.17.5

I see this is solved though in Kibana 8.6.1, where after I import the Canvas workpad created in 7.17.5, I directly get the construct you suggested.

Thanks again!

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