Kibana Canvas error: Invalid string. Length must be a multiple of 4

I am using version 7.16.2 of Kibana. I am adding a dropdown filter in Canvas.

Let's say the index pattern is *-*_stage. This index pattern includes 100 data streams. When trying to add this index pattern in the Canvas dropdown filter, I am getting this error:

Can anyone please help me resolve this issue ?

here are few things you can try :slight_smile:
Could you try to go to advanced settings and enabled bfetch:disableCompression ?

Not sure what is a culprit, but I'd try to increase memory first:Use Kibana in a production environment | Kibana Guide [8.4] | Elastic

probably,would you be able to share a HAR? (check there is no sensitive data)?

Here is how to get HAR file with network traffic recorded: Capture web session traffic - Google Ad Manager Help
(make sure there is no sensitive data before sharing: the best would be if you could reproduce on test cluster with test data)


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