Kibana Canvas filter groups

In Kibana Canvas 7.3, it states that the dropdown filter now supports filter groups. It is easy enough to create a new filter group for the dropdown filter. But, how is that filter group name now associated with specific fields on the canvas? For example, assume I have a specific metric field that I want to associate with a dropdown filter, and the dropdown filter is assigned test_filter as the filter group name. How do I now associate my metric field on the canvas with test_filter?

You'll have to edit the expression for the metric vis. If you open the expression editor when your metric vis is selected you'll probably see a filters function at the beginning. You can pass in the group name to this function. It would look something like this, where my group name is "bar":

Matt, thanks for the quick response. Very helpful. However, I now have an issue with multiple filters. For example, I have three canvases. Each canvas has a filter button, and a unique group assigned. And, the elements on canvas 1 are in the filter"group 1", and the elements on canvas 2 are in the filter "group 2". I can go to canvas 1 and change the filter. But when I go to the filter on canvas 2, it no longer lets me change the filter parameters. The drop-down with the calendars look great, but I cannot select another filer like "last 24 hours". This seems to have been a side affect of groups?

I tried to reproduce but I'm not seeing the issue you described. Below is a video of me trying to follow the steps. Am I doing it right? Is there anything I'm missing that you're doing differently?

Matt, it looks like you are doing exactly what I’m doing, assuming that you put group1 and group2 in the expressions for your two elements.

Other than that, the only other difference I see is that I actually have 4 canvases rather than 2. Each has a filter. And, I’m putting 6-8 elements (usually metrics) in the group using the expression builder like you described.

Finally, I always execute the canvases in full screen mode.

Matt, I have investigated a bit more, and have found that if I DO NOT put the canvases into full-screen mode, then it works as expected. But, if I put my canvases (4 of them) into full-screen mode, then only the first filter I access allows me to make changes.

Additionally, I have found that this is independent of groups. If I remove all group references, the same issue occurs.

Ah good catch. Sounds like a legitimate bug to me. Would you mind creating an issue on our Github repo?

Same thing occurs for the dropdown filter as well.


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