Kibana canvas: how to add the values of 2 elements


I have two markdown elements on canvas showing the results of the same essql query but for 2 different IP addresses. I need a 3rd, which should hold the sum of the values from these 2 elements.

I tried to create a variable (let's say clients1) in the "Workpad" settings and use the following (part in both element's "Expression editor" but to no avail:

essql SELECT total_clients .... | var_set name=clients1 value={getCell "total_clients" } | ...

No such thing as a global variable apparently...

Is summing the results of 2 elements possible? How? (note: the essql queries use a LIMIT 1 at the end, so combining the SQL statements for the summarized markdown element does not work either)


Could you make an element with 2 variables, one with the value of the first query and another for the value of the second query (instead of combining the 2 SQL statements)? Then the element can show the sum of the two variables.

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