Referencing values from multiple elements

Hi, is it possible to reference column values from two different datatables. What I would like to do is to use the values from the separate tables to calculate a new value and then use it in a separate element. If not, is there way to work around this limitation? (it appears union is not supported in canvas)

Thanks in advance.

See if this helps

Unfortunately we are still using 7.5 which doesn't seem to support joining queries. In addition, it doesn't appear that I can use DSL inside Kibana Canvas. I couldn't find a place(except filters in Discover) where I can inject this type of syntax. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for the suggestions, Anyway.

OK. Sorry, missed the canvas bit.
Can you give an example of your data and required output?

Np. I should have stated more clearly.

Below is an example on the data though it's be simplified for discussion.

I have 5 markdowns that shows the latest status for each data source(site).

The overall status, represented using an image, is dependent on the statuses of these five sites. e.g. if anyone of them has error, the overall status value will be error.

My question is - is there a way I can reference the status values from the 5 markdowns to determine the one for this image?

Source timestamp Status
site1 8:00 AM ok
site2 8:02 AM ok
site3 8:04 AM warn
site1 8:05 AM error
site4 8:06 AM error
site3 8:07 AM ok
site2 8:08 AM warn
site5 8:09 AM ok

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