Kibana canvasrender options


Is there documentation about canvasrender options?
I am trying to change the filling color of a gauge in canvas.

We actually have this for conditional color format: Conditional colouring using kibana canvas expression editor

hope it helps


I am trying to use that example.
First I tried to do something simple but it fails....

Example which I used:


Do you know what's wrong ?

@tims - can you help when u have time ?


For the background, you could use the property for the container, in the canvasRenderEL you define the css styles for the objects, it's required to specify which one; example:

  containerStyle={containerStyle backgroundColor="#F0F0F0" border="1px solid #444444" padding="10px"} css=".canvasRenderEl .valueLabel {
  margin-top: -15px;

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