Kibana & Cloudfront conversion tracking

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I am new to Kibana and my perspective is from business/marketing expertise.
We are using AWS Cloudfront website data and I would like to understand if Kibana can bring insight to typical funnels (how people enter the site, what pages they visit and if they convert) with the existing records/elements Cloudfront offers or that in order to track/measure orders etc, some things need to be done at the source?

Hope someone can help me. Much appreciated.
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Kibana provides lens, which is a drag and drop editor for visualizing data. Lens makes it easy to gain insights from your data. You can try Kibana and lens with a cloud trial at

Does AWS Cloudfront have an API for data extraction? You could use that API and logstash or beats to ingest Cloudfront data into Elasticsearch.

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Hi Nathan,

Much appreciated. Have send through your feedback to IT to understand what our stack is and if we have Lens.

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