Kibana Lens

Hi Team,

I was just want to know where the kibana lens will help me in my work, basically how will it help me.
what possibly can we do with it .


Hi, I'm one of the engineers who works on Lens. You can see some of the benefits here:

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Hi Sagar,

Definitely check out Wylie's link since it has the definitive description for Kibana Lens as well as links to other great resources.

To address your question around "where will Kibana Lens help me in my work" the answer largely depends on how you currently use data in Elasticsearch. For many people who are already using Kibana to build charts and dashboards, Lens significantly cuts down the time it takes for them to do this since the drag and drop interface + smart suggestions helps them build their visualizations much faster. Other customers are finding that Lens is much easier for non-developers to work with so the impact to their job comes in the form of maybe no longer building charts and dashboards for others, but actually letting people and teams build visualizations themselves in a self-service method.

These are just two examples of the impact Lens is having on the workflows of people using Elasticsearch and Kibana, but I'm sure there are many more. Did this help provide some context for how you might think about using Kibana Lens?


P.S. We did a webinar earlier this week introducing Kibana Lens which might be another great resources to take a look at.

I did upgrade to 7.5 last week. but didn't understand lense properly, just watch webinar and yes like it. Thanks for the link

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