Is it possible to make interactive visualization in KIbana?

I want to make interactive visualizations in Kibana. Like Suppose you click one visualization or a specific point of a visualization and it opens or takes you to another visualization etc.

I would think the new Lens feature would make it easier for you to make Kibana interactive. Lens makes it easy for Kibana users to start exploring their data while switching between multiple charts and functions for analysis across multiple dimensions. Lens removes the need to understand complex Elasticsearch terminology in favor of a simplified user interface that everyone can use. Any Kibana user can start gaining insights from their data by simply dragging and dropping fields and seeing a preview of their visualization, then leveraging smart suggestions from Lens to explore other possible visualizations and pick the right one.

Available with the latest 7.5.0 artifacts. Hope this helps, else, feel free to revert back and let us know.


Thank you. but I think you didn't get my question. I want to make a visualization where I click some part of a visualization and it take me to another visualization.

hmm, sorry, didn't comprehend it right then... currently there is no option like that . I would suggest you to open a feature request here


Hi Hilmand,

In terms of interactivity, Kibana already supports the ability to engage with one chart on a dashboard and have it change other charts in the same dashboard by filtering on the initial selection (for an example, see my gif below).

To your specific question, it sounds like you're actually looking for somewhat of a navigation experience - i.e. you're looking at a bar chart, you click on one of the bars and you are redirected to a totally different visual like a map or table. Is that accurate? Or are you hoping to stay on the same dashboard and have the existing chart you're interacting with change from its original form into something different (i.e. clicking the bar chart drills into that data but in a map or other type of chart)?


Yes Sir !
I am looking for something like you described in the last part of your answer.
like looking at a bar chart, click one of the bars and get redirected to a totally different visual. Or something like clicking the bar chart drills into that data but in a map or other type of chart.

Do Kibana have these features ?

And Secondly I want to appreciate your (Elastic) team for the quick responses, accommodation and supportive behavior and patience.
Thank you

Have you tried using links? A few months ago I had to mimic navigation across multiple Kibana dashboards. If you click in charts, they'll only add new filters to the current dashboard. You could add links somewhere, like in tables, that would take you to other dashboards.

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