Kibana configuration error

I'm trying to make kibana work, but getting configuration errors of similar type.
kibana 6.3.2 (same with 6.3.1 and 6.3.0)
default config, installed together with elastic on same server.
Please check the screenshots to get a taste:

Any clue?

P.S. to make the post searchable:

"Error: Request failed with status code: 400
at http://localhost:8080/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:885443
at tryCatch (http://localhost:8080/bundles/vendors.bundle.js:133:364589)
at Generator._invoke (http://localhost:8080/bundles/vendors.bundle.js:133:366664)
at Generator.prototype.(anonymous function) [as next] (http://localhost:8080/bundles/vendors.bundle.js:133:364873)
at step (http://localhost:8080/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:884473)
at http://localhost:8080/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:884600"

could you provide more details on your installation steps and the system you are using.


CentOS 7.0

Elastic 6.3.0: 2 proxy (master) nodes and 3 data nodes.
Installed from local company repository with yum, originally copied from official repository.

Kibana 6.3.2 (first tried 6.3.0, same behavior), installed locally on one proxy server.
Installed as an rpm (rpm -ivh), downloaded from

Config is default both for Elastic and Kibana.

I use an ssh tunnel to access local kibana from remote server (ssh -L 8080:localhost:5601 @) and then open http://localhost:8080.

Browsers: Chrome and Safari.

Let me know if you need more details

most probably this is not related to kibana but to network configuration, as kibana is showing 400 errors

Trying to investigate, will post here afterwards if manage to solve

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