Kibana configuration to automatically add visualization and add it into the dashboard for a microservice

Hi there,

I'm using kibana version 7.17.0.

I have created couple of microservices and set up them to send logs to kibana using logstash and Elasticsearch. Then I have created visualization for each microservice to view ratio of success, error requests. I have done it manually for each microservice and added them to dashboard.

Think, now I'm creating a new microservice and add to kibana. I want to see the ratio of success, error ratio in the dashboard.

Do I need to do this manually, or is there any way to do it automatically or with some configs when I create a new microservice?

Thank you.

Though I have not used, Kibana has Create saved objects API and the document warns:

When you create saved objects, attributes are not validated, which allows you to pass arbitrary and ill-formed data into the API that can break Kibana. Make sure any data that you send to the API is properly formed.


Is kibana support to automatically create visualizations and add to dashboard with some configs?
Think I want to add multiple microservices.

I can only give you a rough idea, what you want to do looks well achieved by Observability app.

Thanks @Tomo_M , I will check these links.

Or if you accept visualization of other way, Bar vertical percentage visualization could be a good work around.

I think, it seems to be work. We can add each microservice in horizontal axis, and success, error percentage of each microservice in the vertical axis. Right?

I think so. If there is some trouble, you may ask again.

Thanks @Tomo_M , Let me try it and will tell.

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I got the Bar vertical percentage visualization. This one is ok for now.

Do you have any ideas to change each bar to separate pie?. That is what I exactly need.

I suppose there's no out of the box function to show multiple pie chart.

Thank you for the response.

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