Kibana console history cleared on login

(Jathin) #1

Where is the console history stored? is it on some elasticsearch index?
i tried .kibana index and its not available there.

I have a proxy auth in fron of kibana. and it seems console history is getting lost on logins after a period of inactivity(12 hours). so trying to figure out how to maintain history.

Kibana v 5.4

(Jon Budzenski) #2

We're storing it in the browser's localStorage, so switching browsers or clearing caches will reset it. There have been discussions on saving this info but it hasn't been implemented yet, one example at

(Jathin) #3

Thanks a lot. I think it should be added to a index on ES.. that would really help :slight_smile: something like watcher history index.

(system) #4

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