Kibana control has white back ground

Kibana 8.5.3

after upgrade I notice that background is white and hardly able to read on it.
how do I fix it. whole dashbaord is in dark mode. it was working ok on 7.x version.
this selection is old style control which was available in 7.x


I could replicate it on 8.5 but it seems to be fixed on 8.6. You can either upgrade or use the new controls that seem to work fine on 8.5.

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man, just upgraded again....

Thanks for info though

It looks like there's still an open issue where this symptom affects different areas of Kibana where fixes are being released to the specific areas over time to solve this overall issue:

If you're using the legacy controls you might also look to replace the legacy controls with the new controls which should avoid the problem in dark mode generally.

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