Kibana Dark Mode not working properly in 7.2


Is their anyone also experienced once enabled the Dark Mode it won't worked properly.

After I've enabled the dark mode, only the loading became dark but after that it will display the default bright settings again.

Can help me to find the solution?

Can you please describe more steps to reproduce the issue . Once dark mode is enabled in 7.2.0 , and after full page refresh the setting is applied everywhere. Is there any app/area where you are seeing the light mode ?

This PR took care of the global dark mode theme.

Can you please help us with reproduction steps.


I have test cluster just upgraded to 7.2 and after upgrade I convert default space and one user space to dark mode and it is working fine so far.

Solved this, by emptying cache and hard reload my browser. Thanks by the way.

Glad it worked..


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