Dashboard dark mode options in Kibana 7

We are currently migrating from Elastic 6 to 7. We have a internally public dashboard we use to show some metrics from our data, which we then embed in our application. In Elastic 6 we were able to pass the users dark mode preference through the darkTheme parameter in the embed URL.

From what I can understand the dark mode setting has been moved to a global one. Is there any way we can show users both the dark and light mode depending on their preferences? Even if this has to be something where the user goes into Kibana themselves and sets an individual setting? The only option I have seen for this is to make use of the spaces feature, and have 2 separate copies of the same dashboard, one in a light mode space, and one in a dark mode space, however this seems like quite a long winded way of going about this.

Hi @buncieboy,

unfortunately, using spaces at the moment is the only option.

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