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In Kibana visualization, for controls, i want a drop down of created date field. which is not getting displayed.

I have a field created_date with date format. I want a drop down with the created date values, so that i can use it in the dashboard. But the values are not getting generated. It saya there no such field in Index pattern selected.

Does the field exist in your index pattern? You may need to refresh it by going to Management, Index Patterns, click the index pattern, then the refresh button (next to the delete button).

I tried this out and it was showing date fields just fine for me, so it's probably that you just need to refresh your mapping.

Hi lukas

Thank you.

Yes, that field exists in my index pattern. But it shows the error that there is no such field in the index pattern selected.
While creating the Index pattern I have selected @timestamp as time filed, So for drop down field if I give timestamp, values are getting populated, but for remaining date fields e.x; created_date, resolved_date etc... values are not getting populated.

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