Kibana couldn't find verification code

Trying to initially connect kibana 8.2.0 to elastic manually i get promted to enter the kibana verification code that i can get from the kibana pod, (i am trying to run elk stack in aks cluster).
So i exec into the kibana pod run the


but i get

If Kibana hasn't been configured yet, restart Kibana to generate a new code.

Otherwise, you can safely ignore this message and start using Kibana.

I try to restart the pod and still getting the same prompt.
Any help is useful.


reading the kibana-verification-code script i found out that its reading from the kibana server logs the verification code. But there are no logs of the kibana server in the kibana pod so it cannot read the code. I supposed that kibana writes to stdout so i modify the manifest to write the logs to a path but alas, nothing again, no logs there again.

I think that 8.x.x version has serious issues to be deployed in k8s.
Any help would be appreciated.

try copying the kibana-verficatio-code script and pasting it in your own created script , change the priviliges with chmod +x command , and then run it , it will generate your kibana verfication code , this tip will work on all 8.x.x versions , Goodluck

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