Couldn't find Kibana verification code

Using ELK Stack version 8.4.1

When i entered http://localhost:5601/ in the address bar following screens occur

First I generate an enrollment token by running below command then I pasted it in the enrollment token section after that I was asked to enter the verification code

sudo /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s kibana

For verification code I run the following command

/usr/share/kibana/bin$ ./kibana-verification-code 

The output was

Couldn't find verification code.

If Kibana hasn't been configured yet, restart Kibana to generate a new code.

Otherwise, you can safely ignore this message and start using Kibana.

Hi @Sher_Khan. I believe the verification code is displayed in the Kibana server logs during start-up. Maybe try restarting Kibana and watch the server logs for a line like Your verification code is: .

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