Cannot configure Elasticsearch / Kibana

After multiple tries finally able to load Kibana page, it is asking me to configure Elasticsearch. I generated Token and provided it then asked me for Kibana verification code, when I tried to provide that code it is not working .Telling me the token and code are wrong. How to fix this?

I am doing this locally on my VM on a Ubuntu box.

I think you are going to need to provide a bit more details...

Enrollment tokens expire so you may need to create a new one from the elasiticsearch node.

On elasticsearch node while elasticsearch is running.. see here

bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s kibana

Then on the kibana node after you start kibana see here

Paste in the Verification Code, then Kibana should ask for the enrollment tokens, the code and token are time sensitive so you should complete within a few minutes

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