Kibana create form panel

Hello everyone,
I have question about Elastic Cloud:
If I wanted to create a form in Kibana that contains a button that will trigger a REST call. Can I do it?
Can I embed Javascript code?


Currently there's no option for uploading custom Kibana plugins in Elastic Cloud. There may be options with alerting - but these aren't triggered through a form. Another alternative would be to self host a proxy and embed Kibana as an iframe, but it would be more involved.

Can you share more information on the REST call you want to make, e.g. is there maybe a visualization that can be configured to make the same request?

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Hi @jbudz and thank you for the response.
My need is: two text fields and a button that, when clicked, saves the contents of the two text fields somewhere in Web. The ideal would be that, when the dashboard is loaded, the previous values are present in the two text fields.

@jbudz any idea?

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