Adding a sample Form in Kibana


I would like to create a sample Form in Kibana (version 6.3) to add data to elasticsearch. Is there an example or link which I can follow it to create my UI in first step and loading data to elasticsearch in second step?

Thanks for advance ^^

Hi @asallemi, if you want a custom form over which you have control (custom logic, validation, etc), you can write a Kibana plugin:

But unless you really need this to run in the Kibana UI, it might be just as easy to stand up your own simple web form, as it takes pretty solid dev-chops either way.

Good luck!

Hi @christophilus,

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I know that I have to develop a kibana plugin, but I can't find a useful link which I can follow it to create my plugin.
Developing a Kibana plugin means that I have to fork Kibana repo ... ?

You definitely don't need to fork the repo! Although, I think it is easier to develop plugins by running Kibana from the sources (rather than from a production build), as you'll get more dev-friendly stack traces if anything goes wrong.

This is probably the best documentation we've got at the moment:

What I have done is just poked around in the Kibana codebase to see how Kibana's built-in plugins are written, and I've gone on from there.

For example:

But as I said, it depends on your usecase as to what you should build.

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