Create data in Kibana

Hi everyone,

I want to create data directly from Kibana, by making a visualization with inputs in my dashboard where the user can create data.
To be a little bit more precise, let me give an example. I have some information about people like name, first name and an identifier. The point is, I want that a user can create a new "people" directly from Kibana by a kind of form.

Is it possible ?

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You can import a file into kibana
Here is a blog that explaining this feature

Thank you but that's not what I wanted. I already have data injected into Elasticsearch I just want to add more of them, directly from Kibana.

I see, all you can do is to use the Dev Tool

POST  your-index/_doc
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Ok thanks, so I can't do anything from a dashboard that I created ?

I don't think, there is no UI that allow adding a document into an index

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Ok thank you for your time

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