Kibana creating bar visualization with different filters on each bar, y axis advanced option json input


I would like to create a bar chart looks like below. But each bar in the bar chart will need to have different filters. For example, one of the bar call record_id, and this bar need to have filter in the filter 1, and the second bar call Test_Level it should have the filter listed in filter 2, and the third bar call Verdict and also should have filters listed at filter 3.

I think maybe I need to use the Advanced : Json Input in the y axis to configure it. But I am not familiar with json input at all. Where can I find more information on that? How does the script would look like if I want to do the matches that I mentioned above? Thanks!

You may use filter aggregation as follow

Hi ,

I am not able to fine filter aggregation. Just wondering where can I see that?
Is it some latest filteare in Kibana, which version is it


It's under "Buckets"/X-Axis

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