Using JSON input of Kibana Visualizations as filters

Hi all,

I am very new to ELK stack and I have the following requirement. I need to create a vertical bar visualization with two metrics (assume metricA and metricB). I have a common condition (a string) which can divide these two (assume the condition as conditionC : "True"). I tried this by adding a JSON input, but it did not work. So I need to know that can this requirement be successfully implemented from a vertical bar visualization? Following is the JSON input that I have used.
"script": {
"inline": "doc['conditionA'].value='True'",
"lang": "painless"

@Shan_Chathusanda I'm not sure if I understood the question correctly, but sounds to me that what you want is to split series with a filters aggregation where you can select the correct KQL filter to apply. Have you tried that?

Hi @tiagocosta
I will clarify it like this. Think there are two metrics (Actually there are 2 Y-axis). I need those two metrics to be filtered in individual filters. One filter cannot affect to other metric values. The point I was going to provide is that do we can use the JSON input field of Kibana visualization to do this requirement. Hope you understand my requirement.

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