Kibana (json input) - wrong counter (Count) for vertical bar

for my visualisation with the vertical bar-type in Kibana i need to divide the Count (Y-Axis, Aggregation->Count) by number 2. In conclusion the vertical bars should look as half as high as they are at this moment.

I know that there is a point in Kibana called "Advanced" where i can use json input.
My pseudocode should look like:

value_count = value_count / 2 (in result the smaller vertical bars).

It would be great if there is anybody in order to help me with my problem!


The "Advanced" input with JSON input it to add aggregation properties to customize to the aggregations sent to Elasticsearch. It's not really something you would be able to enter a calculation into.

Have you looked into using Timelion or Time Series Visual Builder? Those visualization tools have ways of adding calculations.

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