Help with JSON Input in KIbana



I have recently started using Kibana for visualization purposes. I am exploring field JSON Input.

Can anyone help me in understanding how we can actually utilize JSON Input field.

Basically I am trying to get a view of "Running Total" - bar chart over the period of time.

I came across few aggregations in knowledge base of Kibana but the query is throwing error.

Any help or information on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Input for reference:

"aggs" : {
"total_per_month" : {
"date_histogram" : {
"field" : "reportDate",
"interval" : "month"
"aggs": {
"1": {
"sum": {
"field": counts"
"cumulative_total": {
"cumulative_sum": {
"buckets_path": "1"

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The JSON input is mainly for adding parameters to the current aggregation that Kibana wouldn't usually support. Eg, shard_size in the Terms agg.

There is an open ticket to add cumulative aggregation support, and you can read more about it here. However, your not completely out of luck. There is support for this through a plugin called Timelion. In version 5.0 of Kibana, this plugin will actually be shipped as part of the core.


Thanks for the quick response.
This is helpful.


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