Kibana JSON input

Hi All,
I want to know the usage/options which we can give in advanced input section.i tried with many sites and the following code is working in that iput section.{size :0 }
Please help me more on this.

The JSON input you provide is merged with the aggregation parameters from Kibana. (thats why you have that field on each aggregation) You need to lookup the Elasticsearch documentation for the kind of aggregation you're using to figure what you can do. For instance, for the Significant terms aggregation, it can be useful to modify the background_filter property to make the significant terms relate to only a subset of your index.
Or maybe you want to pass shard_size in a terms agg, or increase the precision_threshold in a cardinality agg.

We can also pass a script as an advanced parameter to some aggregations, and for example divide _value by 1000.
If you select average as your metric type (instead of count) you can for example try with this script:

  "script" : 
    "lang": "painless",
    "inline": "_value / params.correction",
    "params" : {
      "correction" : 1000

make sure you provide valid JSON.

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