KIbana CSP error

"Hello Community,

I'm facing an issue with my Elasticsearch cluster. It's up and running smoothly, but when I try to access Kibana on my browser, I see a message saying 'Kibana server not ready yet' in the console. I've noticed a CSP (Content Security Policy) error.

The status of Kibana appears to be active, and I don't see any errors there. My Kibana.yml configuration file is basic without any SSL or complex settings.

I'm reaching out to seek your expertise in resolving this problem. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!"

Hi @Priyaansh_Dwivedi

Welcome to the community!

This is it general message that often indicates a Kibana cannot connect in some way to Elasticsearch.

For us to help me with generally ask for your elasticsearch.yml file and the kibana.yml file

And you need to look at the logs from Kibana to see if it's failing to connect to Elasticsearch.

Please include the version numbers for the stack and how you installed.

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