Internal Server Error: SearchError / CSP related?

Fellow Kibana Users,

I am getting up to speed with Kibana and ran into some issues. The solution came pre-packaged so I am not even quite sure where to start and what to look for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The CSP error is expected and not related to the problem.

Can you switch to the Network tab in your dev tools and check whether the failing request shows up there as well? It might contain additional information (e.g. an error message in the response).

Also, it seems like you are using adblock plus - depending on the rule set it can interfere with Kibana because some requests are blocked based on certain words in the path. Could you test whether the same error also happens without ad blocker?

Thank you for taking a look Joe! Error shows up in the network tab as well, but it's not terribly descriptive:


Turning off ABP doesn't seem to make any difference either....

Is there anything in the Kibana server logs?

Thank you once again, Joe. Not sure if I am looking at the right logs, but there nothing there other than "Premature End of File"

Oh, well, I will try to redeploy the image, may be this would help.

I'm not sure whether you are looking at the right files here. How exactly is your Kibana set up?

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