Kibana custom plugins packaging

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a question about plugins packaging, hope someone can help me.

I'm creating some custom plugins for Kibana and I want to create only one distribuable plugin to install all my plugins in once.

So, I setted up the following tree structure inspired by x-pack:

 | .eslintrc.js
 | tsconfig.json
 | package.json
 | plugins/
   | plugin1/
     | common
     | server
     | public
     | translations
     | kibana.json
     | .i18nrc.json
   | plugin2/
      | ...

In development mode, all plugins are detected by Kibana based on the kibana.json file. But I don't known how to build the myPlugins directory to be distribuable. Unfortunately, the plugins helpers package not seems to be intended for this case.

Someone already did this kind of plugin ?

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