Custom Plugins 7.7.0


I'm having a hard time understanding a few things regarding custom plugin development since I cannot seem to find enough documentation about it:

  1. How do I build a single plugin without having to build the entire kibana? (e.g. the custom plugin that would reside in the '/plugins' folder which is the default folder that the cmd 'node scripts/generate-plugin defaults you to);
  2. How can I add a dependency specially for my plugin (this was possible back in 7.3.0)?
  3. Is it possible for someone to point in the direction of a visualization plugin example compatible with 7.7.0 so I can understand how to actually make one?

Thank you for your time!

Hi @Carlos0,

We are iterating on this matter and more documentation will be available in the future.

  1. You can just run node scripts/build_kibana_platform_plugin.js --scan-dir "DEVELOPMENT_FOLDER_OF_YOUR_PLUGIN" --dist. After that step a folder called target will be created under the root development folder of your plugin. If you zip the entire plugin folder that would became a valid distributable plugin.

  2. You can just create a package.json and install a dependency for your plugin.

  3. What are your specific requirements here?


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