Kibana Custom Region Map Configurations

I am really confused with where I should set this following piece of code "http-server --cors="kbn-version" -p 8000", where and when should I set this? In the Kibana.yml file? elasticsearch.yml file? Can't figure this out.

Kindly help, thanks.

Hello Ramya,

That piece of code is a script for running an instance of a local test server for hosting a sample dataset. It's really just an example of a minimal server you might run locally to serve data, but really you could serve data from a number of different sources. To use it:

  • Install http-server
  • Run the utility from your bash terminal from the same folder as your downloaded data (assuming you've downloaded data from this blog)

The remaining instructions regarding how to consume the data would pretty closely follow the linked blog.


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Thanks @Aaron_Caldwell

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