Kibana Customize Message

I am a newbie to ELK so, Please bear with me,

I am using ELK with Filebeat for logging purpose. I am able to post logs and they are appearing in Kibana dicover.
Now in the discover pane, I see lot of logs which is good. But the thing is that, it is adding some fields like below

date:12:43:32.036 offset:1,673,103 log_level:DEBUG prospector.type:log source:C:\capi\source\capi_fund_transfers\capi-fund-transfer.log message:12:43:32.036 [restartedMain] [123254235345343543] DEBUG rgkjsnfgkjsdfkjgskjdfgn

Now I want to show only Message. How to do that?

Please help. Thanks in advance

From Parsing logback log files with filebeat and sending them to Elasticsearch

You can use Filebeat to ship the data to Logstash where you can apply a grok filter to parse the log line. Then ship the data to Elasticsearch from Logstash. The Beats documentation has an example of how to configure Filebeat to send to Logstash.

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