How can specify the log message

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I'm newbie at ELK stack. I have installed and the ELK working find but now i want to visualize the content of my log after filebeat send it to logstash. I had read some topic still cant find how to do it so i post the issue here. Anyone know how to do it pls tell me. Thanks

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Welcome to this awesome community!

I think you want to have a look to Kibana:

Using Kibana you can visualize and analyze your logs and rest of data, give it a try :wink:

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Also I would recommend you to have a look to:,

It will show you how to do your first steps with filebeat & Kibana

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Hi @exekias
Thank for fast reply
I already did the first steps and the result look like this

But now how can i visualize the field message in the result or create another template for filebeat to take the content in log files. That's what i want and i still stuck in this step, maybe because i cannot know right all the idea in the doc.
It would be great if you tell me where can i focus on. Ty

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If I understand correctly you want to see only the message field, and not the whole document, you should have the list of fields on the left menu, just choose message to add it as a column, this way you will see the stream of messages

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Hi @exekias
Sr for late reply and for not describe exactly what i want to do
The problem is i want to change the content of message into index, so i can choose what i want to visualize, with the picture i just post it's the example of content, maybe it'll be more field with the real log. That's exactly what i want to do.
Thank you btw :slight_smile:

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