Specific logs to kibana from filebeat

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A short snippet of log file which I want to visualize in Kibana is attached here. How can I configure my filebeat or ELK to reflect log fields highlighted here in bold and italics to reflect in Index Pattern fields as it is. Its kind of indexing which is already present in log file, I just want these fields to be available in Kibana.

Logs snippet :
[11 Jan 2018 04:37:35,329] DEBUG SpamGovernor | No batched notifications awaiting release for key: CountKeyNotification for Job 369 and Load Subscription(s)[141]
[16 Oct 2018 04:37:35,329] INFO NotificationManager | Notification generation skipped for: Load - Info, Count discrepancies were noted for Job # 369
Package: 'Index HISTO' , Target Name: 'ABC', Database Name: 'DB', Database Account: 'xyz', Database Version: 'Microsoft SQL Server', TargetId: '2091'.
_ Source Name: 'Internal' , Source Account: 'EFC' , Source Type: 'Custom SFTP (SSH)' , Source Host: 'xgts.com' , SourceId: '1'_
No Flags Set
Load Status: 'Completed', Load Result: 'Success'.

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Can someone please help in this topic.

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