Kibana Dashboard display no content without filtering

Hi, is there a way to make the table in the dashboard shows a sentence like "please select", after filtering show the data?

Could you please clarify what exactly is it you would like to do? Filter already includes "Select a field first" placeholder:

On the dashboard page, there are some panels including charts and tables etc. I would like to make some of those tables do not display data. But after filtering all of them can show data.

I am afraid that is not possible at the moment. But feel free to open a feature request and describe your use-case.

In the template, there is a optionsJSON: "hidePanelTitles". Is there anything like hidePanel?

As I said, this is not possible. Your only option is to remove the panel entirely.

Thank you for your reply. But I need to show the data after filtering so I can not remove them.

Could you let me know what kind of use case you need such requirement? It is almost just my interest but there could be some work around for some cases.

@Tomo_M Thanks. I would like to show some panels, let's say panels A and B. After filtering I would like to show more content. Panels A, B, C, D, E and F. Maybe hide panels would be better. But I have not found a way then think about displaying no content without filtering... Do you have a good idea?

Thank you! I suppose I've been understanding what you want to do. But I want to know is why hide the panels before filtering is desired. There could be some nonsense filtering such as existance of _id fields or too wide range, etc. Why do you put such importance on weather there is any filter or not?

@Tomo_M Thanks. Sorry, it is not my idea, it is a requirement. I am the person who needs to come true.

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I see. Thanks for the reply.

@Tomo_M May I ask do you have an idea about it?

Hmm, the exact is not possible...

I just come up with an idea that to create a new index with single document {"CAUTION": "Please Select Filter"} and put Aggregation based Metric with Top hits to show the Caution Message.

If you select any filter, it will mostly dissappear.

This is the best I can come up with. It is not the exact thing you required, but it may work as a reminder to pick up any filter. Please take care that the dummy document ruin other aggregations.

@Tomo_M Sorry I am new to the Kibana. May I ask how to do this? create an index first then create a visualization markdown one? then add to the dashboard?

@Tomo_M And in this way, can another panel (table) show after filtering?

This is something like a trick and maybe you need to get used with Kibana a little bit more first...

Unfortunately no.

@Tomo_M So this will not work. Anyway, thank you very much.

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